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Country (U.S, Germany, etc.) US

Car of Interest (528, 840, etc.) Trans Am

Which DIY Procedure (if any) CV driveshaft

I am building a  CV type driveshaft for my LS3 powered Trans Am and need to build a CV driveshaft.  Your website came up high on the Googles.  I noted the excellent write up and will use BMW components as the power is about the same as a 7 Series (430 hp).  Thanks!



Country (U.S, Germany, etc.) USA

Car of Interest (528, 840, etc.) '91 850i

Which DIY Procedure (if any) Sunroof, Headliner

Hello Frank, 
Thanks so much for supporting BMW owners with your DIY articles. I have a '76 2002 and a '76 530i that I have owned for many years and I recently bought an 850i that I haven't even started or driven. 
I finally started on the 850i, primarily fuel system and ignition, so I can get engine in running condition.

james bohn 

Country (U.S, Germany, etc.) USA

Car of Interest (528, 840, etc.) 2001 740i Sport

Which DIY Procedure (if any) The Dreaded Glovebox

Hey Frankie - just wanted to introduce myself.  I have owned 2 '01 740sports over the last 12 years, and enjoyed your DIY on the dreaded glovebox.  I had to repair the boxes in both my 7's.  On the first one, the lock mechanism broke, along with the actuating tab on the latch handle.  I reinforced and epoxied the tab back on the handle, and removed the lock parts which were interfering with the latch - the effect being that the latch now moves farther than it used to, so the door unlatches much more easily than it did with the lock parts in place. I stuck a black plastic button in the keyhole, and everything is cool.  Also - the latch cover on the inside of the door has those 3 spacers which are nearly impossible to install, loose.  I finally put a dab of epoxy on each and stuck them to the cover.  MUCH easier.  On my second 7,  I sensed the latch was going to fail, so I simply repeated the procedure as a preventative measure!

mario romeo 

Country (U.S, Germany, etc.) Italia

Car of Interest (528, 840, etc.) 850-840

Which DIY Procedure (if any) all

compliant a beautiful achievement, made with passion and love for the BMW

Will F. 

Country (U.S, Germany, etc.) U.S.

Car of Interest (528, 840, etc.) 2002 BMW 525i Touring

Which DIY Procedure (if any) Power Window Motor Repair

WOW!  This worked perfectly.  Without your willingness to share your time, experience, knowledge, and skillful instructions I never could have even imagined how to fix my power window motor.  Well, I did repair it, thanks to you, and it was a joy doing it.  I am a detail-oriented person, and I truly respect the level of awareness with which you created this tutorial, complete with helpful pictures.  I feel like this short note doesn't adequately express the gratitude I have for you, but I couldn't miss the chance to simply say, Thank you, Sir!
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