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April Randazzo 

Country (U.S, Germany, etc.) FL-US

Car of Interest (528, 840, etc.) 04 X5 4.4i

Which DIY Procedure (if any) Window Regulator

Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome write up on the window regulator and clips.  I bought a new regulator with motor but realized I may just need to replace the clips, which I couldn't figure out where they were even located with most things I found online.  Great pics with explanations that make it very easy to understand!!!  Thanks for the info!!  I've bookmarked your site in case I need anything else to look up :)


Country (U.S, Germany, etc.) United States

Car of Interest (528, 840, etc.) X5

Which DIY Procedure (if any) window regulator replacement

Hi Frankie- great instructions for replacing the window regulator- I do have one question about what holds the window in place? Is the plastic clip supposed to fit in the hole in the bottom corner of the window?  When I replaced the regulator and clip, the window would go up, but there was nothing to grab hold of the window to go down.  Is there any way to see a side view of where the window fits in relation to the clip.  Thanks again.


Country (U.S, Germany, etc.) US

Car of Interest (528, 840, etc.) 850

Just read your buyers guide, and wise words indeed.

Previously owned an M635CSI in the UK, and now looking for an 850.....I am sure to be back to your site for guidance/reference.

Mark Frith 

Country (U.S, Germany, etc.) England

Car of Interest (528, 840, etc.) 540i

Thanks for this great info which helped me diagnose and fix my rear electric window on my e39.
What actually worked for me was tapping the motor with a socket wrench while pressing the button. The problem with the motor was caused through lack of use and I suspect that even a good whack on the outside of the door whilst activating the switch may well alleviate the problem in some circumstances. Certainly worth a try, I'd say!

DAnn Daniels 

Country (U.S, Germany, etc.) Washington State, USA

Car of Interest (528, 840, etc.) 850Ci

Have you posted a Proper dash and leather treatment, and the LEDs in the OBC replacement
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