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Sakthy Kumar Subramaniam 

Country (U.S, Germany, etc.) Australia

Car of Interest (528, 840, etc.) 525i

Excellent information. To the point and very detail.

Thanks Frankie. 


Country (U.S, Germany, etc.) united states

Car of Interest (528, 840, etc.) bmw 840

Which DIY Procedure (if any) anything to update my car. i love modifing it

I think your mods on your 840 are excelent. I have copied some of them. I know what you mean by the car pulling you in to make it right. sorry to hear you sold your 840 thanks GEOF  BMWCCA NY


Country (U.S, Germany, etc.) Netherlands

Car of Interest (528, 840, etc.) 850i

Which DIY Procedure (if any) Sunroof modification

Hi Frankie, excellent write-ups, I enjoyed reading.
Question: you recommend to remove the ceiling guide pins and rain gutter wheel, when making the ceiling liner manually operated. I am not sure why, as without these mods (allowing to go back to electric later) the liner also slides. Thanks, Albert

Lewis deSoto 

Country (U.S, Germany, etc.) USA

Car of Interest (528, 840, etc.) E38

Which DIY Procedure (if any) Bluetooth module

Hi, I'm going to attempt to install the bluetooth module in my 1999 740i M-Sport.  It does not have a phone installed, nor does it have navigation.  I have a question.  Is the microphone for the phone already installed?  Thanks, Frankie!

Michael Thurston  

Country (U.S, Germany, etc.) U.S.

Car of Interest (528, 840, etc.) E36

Which DIY Procedure (if any) Steering wheel replacement

Excellent article, concise, informative with great pictures. Thanks!
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