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Thomas Hicks 

Country (U.S, Germany, etc.) USA

Car of Interest (528, 840, etc.) 840

Saw this, BMW badged, vehicle drive past me 7 years ago. Had no idea what it was, but knew I liked what I saw.
Didn't really like BMW'S until I saw the 840...

Just retired 12/16.

Found an 840 in Frankie's neck of the woods; I'm looking to see if this will be the one for me...

Great site Frankie!!!

Jose Carvalho 

Country (U.S, Germany, etc.) Portugal

Car of Interest (528, 840, etc.) 850 CSI 1989

Great site, congratulations and thanks.
My driver's seat is kind of stuck, the seat goes back or fwd with a lot of effort and noise, like if a brake had not been released when I act on the switch. It happened from one day to the next. Twenty yrs ago the same problem happened and was quickly fixed by my old mechanic, who unfortunately passed away. Now, BMW proposes dismantling the seat (expensive) to check it out but they admit that they do not have knowledge of the specific problem and that their service manual does not detail this part of the seat. 
Anyone can help?

Best regards,

J Carvalho


Country (U.S, Germany, etc.) USA

Car of Interest (528, 840, etc.) E39 540, 740

Which DIY Procedure (if any) All related to E39


Ray Pullmann 

Country (U.S, Germany, etc.) USA

Car of Interest (528, 840, etc.) E24 6 series, E39 5 series, E70 X5

Thanks for posting the DIYs, Frankie!  I have three BMWs averaging 17 years in age and 105K in miles.

My first BMW is a 1981 633Csi that I purchased in 1987.  I have learned to appreciate the engineering of these cars as well as their fine handling.

I do as much of my own work as I possibly can, and for things I can't handle I go to an independent for things such as transmission and air conditioning issues.

Thanks again for sharing your insight!


Country (U.S, Germany, etc.) USA

Car of Interest (528, 840, etc.) '97 E31 840ci

Which DIY Procedure (if any) All

Awesome DIY Frankie
Highly appreciated

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